About Shian

Hi there! I’m Shian. I’m a legal assistant and in my “down time” I research all those burning fashion questions my friends, readers, or I would like answers to and play dress up to match the theme. I’m originally from a tiny Southern town in Florida (Go Gators!) and now live in the greatest city on earth- New York City.

The Fashion Investigator is written for women of all ages who are seeking affordable, realistic fashion inspiration. I remember the days when I didn’t know any designers more elevated than Le Abercrombie and Fitch and t-shirts were my daily uniform. I started researching and learning, and now want to share that information with you so we can grow together! I have 3 types of posts for you-
The Trend: Exploration of the latest trends off the runways, often before you see them hit stores
How-To: Tips and tricks including budgeting, wearing standard items creatively, wardrobe maximizing, and answering any questions YOU have
Designer Insider: I research both popular and emerging designers so you can learn how they got their start and find new designers to love

Fashion is FUN. I truly believe that. And it certainly is what you make it. I hope you find The Fashion Investigator helpful, interesting, and inspiring. Please feel free to reach out to me to chat or propose questions or collaborations via email at SK@TheFashionInvestigator.com or check out my Instagram if that’s more your speed- Fashion_Investigator.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy!
-Xoxo, Shian


    • I’ve never met another Knuth I wasn’t related to, so we are surely distant cousins. Lovely to meet you! I love your entire name haha. SK’s are the best 😉

    • Absolutely! It’s the only way to pronounce it, ha! Imagine my predicament. Shian (Cheyenne) Knuth. The struggle has been real my entire life haha. Is your husband’s family from Ohio?

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